Gonna be doing a 20 minute meet and greet with a therapist on Tuesday

Boy I hope this person does informed consent

As a real question though, does anyone know if it would be a good idea to basically just say that my main priority in seeing this person is to just get hormones and that everything else would only matter after I’ve been put on hormones? 

I need to know the fastest way to get them to understand that I just want to be put on hormones immediately. 

Yes, it’s a good idea. I thought I had to be in therapy for a year to start HRT and when I finally got around to mentioning it, the therapist said it wasn’t necessary because they did informed consent. State your motives early and save money. I’d recommend staying with that therapist (if you click) throughout your transition though.

6919) I’m 22 & still live w/ my mom (knows I’m trans) and my two adult siblings (don’t know). My anxiety and social phobias make getting/keeping jobs hard, especially without a college degree. I feel like if I had independence & space away from my family so I wasn’t worried about their opinions, then I’d be comfortable enough with myself to start living authentically. But I have no idea how to move forward with my life. I feel like I’ll be stuck here forever with no job, no hormones, and no life.

:O There’s an MTF version of me. Swag.

6920) my friends say they support me but they’re never there for me when I need them. I feel alone and like I’m a burden.

Putting My Transition on Hold/Not Transitioning?

If you’re in any of the FTM Facebook groups I’m in, you’ll see I’ve been panicking about starting T since my prescription has been ready. Yesterday, I nearly had a panic attack because of my apex of anxiety about disappointing my family, being immensely scared I’ll detransition and have to deal with the regret of transition, having to come out at work, etc. A lot of it wasn’t/isn’t about my actual transition, but how others are going to be affected. I have strong anxiety when ti comes to people’s perceptions of me, which is why my weight is such a triggering factor in my day to day life. I am actually currently “stealth” (if you want to call it that) in my physics class. My entire table thinks I’m male and hasn’t questioned it. 

With that said, I just hit a critical point in my anxiety. I almost cried on the way home. I just want to be happy, but I hold on to people’s opinions and judgments too hard (Don’t just sit here and tell me to let people go because it’s not nearly that simple). The thought of making my family feel uncomfortable hurts me so bad. Realize I’m still living at home with my aunt, grandmother, mom and sister so it’s not exactly easy to just “transition” as my grandmother and aunt don’t know.

I also don’t feel the over whelming excitement others do. I see all these posts in the FTM tag where people are so excited about top surgery and such. I dont’ feel all that. Maybe because I’ve been passing off and on for a while now so it’s not as important. 

At the moment, I’m just going to go to therapy again (Yay, more money). Maybe if I get to a point where I’m finally stable emotionally and physically, I’l do it. Knowing me, I’ll probably just end up staying like this for life.

Can Any Guys (or Girls) who had extreme anxiety about starting HRT help me overcome this? or at least give advice?

Anonymous asked: you continuously say that trans women don't know what it's like to be born female, but you don't know what it's like to be trans, so what gives you more right to speak over them?




i actually do know what it’s like to be trans tho???

i have talked about this on my blog before and how from the ages of 15-19 i was in the transition process of FTM which included psych evaluations, HRT, and surgery appointments including bottom surgery with Dr Brassard in Montreal, Canada.

but it never felt right to me truly, except i thought transitioning was my only option because i was a female who didn’t “feel like” the other girls because i liked sports and rough-housing with my bros and i only had guy friends and i liked to dress “like a boy” and i hated having a vagina and a period and stupid boobs and i wanted to get rid of ‘em and also i was attracted to other girls so because of those things i “felt like” a boy and thus EUREKA THE OPTION IS TRANSITION!!!!

except it was never quite right because like… dressing like a boy and binding my chest and having surgery were not ever going to genuinely make me into a boy so why was i doing this shit to myself?

anyway THERAPY OUT THE WAZOO and hurrah hello i am a very happy woman completely satisfied with herself, her lesbian identity, and her understanding of life as a woman in a patriarchy so restrictive it made her believe she had to “become” a boy just to be herself.

so ya actually i do understand what it’s like.

and how much bullshit it all is and it’s just oppressive conditioning brainwashing crap.

so. that, and a ton of detransitioned people here on tumblr can tell you their stories as well and how it’s all crap and as a woman who had to go through all of that in order to discover her true self… males who think they can step into the womanhood i fucking nearly killed myself for (AS A FEMALE, NO LESS) can sit down rn.

"Oh, I’m an idiot and thought being a tomboy meant I’m trans, so every trans person is that way!" All you radical feminist detransitioners are the same way. Blame everyone but yourselves.

"I know what it’s like to be trans because I thought I was trans at one point." said the non-trans person who wrongly assumed they were trans for a short period of time.

I love how detransitioners blame everyone but themselves. YOU chose to transition. It’s not hard to feign sex dysphoria with social media today. This is actually one of the main points I’m goign to write on against the WPATH. YOU MADE A MISTAKE, admit it. Stop acting like the “patriarchy” did it to you. If you didn’t have sense enough to truly analyze your motive behind transitioning as internalied misogyny, that’s your fault. 

Any big guys pack?

So I want to write a review for this packer (I actually really like it), but I’m having difficulty finding a way to pack where it’ll stay in place without a harness or jockey shorts. Realize I’m a big person (I have a bigger belly) and probably don’t need to pack but being able to see a small bulge and feel it made me feel a bit better. 

But…Unless I buy a harness or something, I won’t be able to realistically wear it out the house. Help?

Packer coming in today

So I do Bing Searches with a bot and get free money on Amazon so I just pulled the trigger and got a packer. I’ll have to take it off when I leave class to come to work, but I’m not too worried. I’ll take pictures tonight if I decide not to study for this physics exam (translation: If I don’t open the book and fall asleep while studying on my bed under the covers)


im gonna lose more weight and get tattooed and be super hot soon just you wait

But don’t hold your breath..Lol.

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