Journey of a Confused Teenager

19 year old on a journey to weightloss and gender transition. Pursuing a degree in Biological Science, then a pHD in Reproductive Biology. If you know me in real life, please keep this blog private.
I tend to be socially awkward, quiet and shy. I do love giving advice to people and my only guilty habit is smoking a little bud every now and then. My blog is going to reflect my interests, search for my identity and other random things. Some things may be NSFW and 18+ and I'll try to tag it as such. Feel free to look at my "Contact Me" page for more ways to talk to me.

Apr 15

Binding Trouble or Nah?

As lighthearted as my title sounds, I have a serious inquiry for those of you who bind-Is there a serious problem behind sharp pains around my rib/underarm area? Whenever I breathe in deeply, I get an intense, sharp pain. Sometimes it’ll happen when I breathe regularly. It’s just recently started (along with a pain in my shoulder) and I wonder if it has something to do with my binding?

I’ve asked this on a FTM group and many have said it probably could be due to binding and suggest I don’t bind for a while. While my chest dysphoria isn’t bad at all, I don’t like the idea of having to wear a bra (my chest is too heavy/noticeable) for me to just wear layers) and having my chest exposed. However, I’d really hate for me to seriously make this worse. Any suggestions/advice? I’m getting worried as it’s been 2 days (it started Sundayish). I’ll be seeing a doctor about something else, so I’ll mention it, but I’d love opinions.

Apr 10


I just made a menstrual cycle joke towards my menstruating mother…



When will I learn these jokes are not funny… period?


Apr 7

(via mattsandwich)

Apr 5

Checking Out an Apartment tomorrow

Aside the stress of school/procrastination, I’m also dealing with the stress of my impending transition and having to tell my parents if I don’t find a place. I have many options, but I’d rather move into an apartment as any dorm style setting makes me have to disclose my status.. Plus side is the girl renting the room to me is a transwoman.

Apr 4

Just made an OkCupid account because I’m lonely as hell and sick of being socially awkward

I’m not looking to date though..and decided to disclose my status to keep myself from having to explain it later. 

Mar 17

I can’t deal with dysphoria this bad daily

I’m on the verge of tears and can barely breathe. My anxiety came out of no where. And I have another class.

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